Hey everyone!

Here’s a little about me if you’re interested.

I started life in a family that moved around at minimum every 5 years until I graduated high school. Although this may sound tragic or transient at best, it helped my comfort level around meeting new people and dealing with a lot of change. It also created a myriad of diversity in the types of people I’ve lived with– everyone from the Tibetans in the Himalayas to the nuns in Mother Theresa’s convent in India to the natives in the Arizona desert or the Georgian Okefenokee Swamp to the dwellers of big cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and now Atlanta.

Through these ryl lives around the world, I’ve been a part of the stories of some beautiful people. I realized though the years though that my memory has been fuzzy as I try to remember every story of every person I’ve encountered. I often wished I had written of these experiences or at least had taken . RYL Photos. 

This desire to remember the ryl people in my life birthed in me the determination to capture ryl memories. 

I started out as a writer in my college day at Emory and then learned to start incorporating visuals into my storytelling. That quickly blossomed into creating and capturing the beautiful imagery that helped me remember the fascinating ryl stories of the people around me. And then I found that people loved my ryl photos. When I heard “you’re the first person who has ever been able to take a good picture of me” or “I never like pictures of myself, but yours I love.” That’s when I knew. I had to start doing this not just for my own memories but to help other people capture theirs as well.

As a trainer at Apple, I found myself being asked to take pictures of events and then corporate headshots. 

As an actor, other actors loved my headshots and asked me to take theirs.

As a musical artist, other artists asked me to come take their picture for publicity and publication.

As a photographer, other photographers have asked me to come alongside them and collaborate on weddings and engagement shoots.

And all of this because I wanted to remember Ryl lives.Ryl people.Ryl  memories.Ryl stories.Ryl photos.